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My Favorite Faux Flowers

Do you decorate with faux flowers like me? I think faux flowers can add such a personal touch to any space! These faux flowers are the BEST of the BEST! They are so pretty and look so good in any setting! I love them most outdoors and they hold up so well. My favorite way I've styled them is on my front porch in my favorite planter! Keep reading for everything you need to recreate my front porch planter look in a budget-friendly way!

All of these incredible florals are from Amazon! Grab them here!

And then pick up this AFFORDABLE planter (my current fave) while they are in stock (they always sell out so fast)!

For 14" pot, I used a bundle of each style! There's a total of 20 stems in each planter. If you get a 16" pot I would get an additional bundle of each style! Grab a few extra stems to make a mini bouquet and use it inside in your favorite vase!

One of the most important parts about keeping faux florals looking great, especially if you're keeping them outdoors, is to clean them regularly. Check out this past blog post for a tutorial on how I clean mine!

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! Can't wait to see how you style these florals in your home! Hope you love them as much as I do.

*Post contains commissionable links.

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