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How to Clean Faux Flowers

Do you decorate with faux flowers like me? I think faux flowers can add such a personal touch to any space, but they can get so dusty just from sitting out or being stored.

I'm going to show you how I clean mine. My best advice, before you even start, is to be gentle when cleaning them so that you can preserve them for years!


  • Grab 2 containers or bowls! Fill both of them with lukewarm water (think babies bath water for the temperature). Since faux flowers are put together with glue, you don't want hot water compromising them.

  • In one container, put a few drops of mild soap *key word few* and agitate the water with your hands to get it bubbly. Then, get to cleaning. Like I said this is the most important tip - be very gentle and don't tug on the petals or leaves because you don't want to cause damage to the flowers.

  • Once you have washed the faux flowers in the soapy water, rinse them in the clean water and lay out to dry.

*These are some of my favorite tulips that I got from Amazon! These are the clear buckets I'm using to clean my florals. I also use these buckets to store my smaller off-season florals.

  • Once the flowers are clean, lay out on a towel to air dry. If you're putting them away for the season, make sure the flowers are completely dry before storing. I like to clean my faux flowers before and after I store them, just to make sure they stay fresh!

Now that you've seen how easy it is to clean your faux flowers, you can add it into your routine when changing out your faux florals for the season! I will be showing other methods throughout the season!

If you need further instruction on how to clean your faux flowers, check out my video here!


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