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Cedar Landscape Arches

Cedar Landscape Arches: A build guide on how to create this design feature in your own backyard!

Landscape arches with my favorite solar lanterns are pictured below!

The solar lanterns in this picture are linked here!

The official build guide is linked here!

Whether you are looking to DIY or to hire, these Cedar Landscape Arches add an impactful and timeless detail to your yard.

Here are the details of the project so that you can add this beautiful feature to your landscape!


Costs for this project will vary, depending on access to material. For our local area, a 10 ft 6x6 Cedar Post rungs around $130/Post. Then you add the anchoring foam ($75/kit) or concrete ($9/Bag) and your 16' Lag bolts ($120/box) to your costs. This puts your material costs before any tool rental or labor to about $575 per arch. Sourcing different material can drastically change this pricing estimate. If you need to rent additional tools or hire labor to create your holes or cut beams to size, then you would need to add that to your overall project costs.

Material List

The FULL material list can be found through the build guide! It's free, just follow the link and it will bring you straight there!

Take a risk and transform your own backyard!

When I dreamed this crazy idea up, I genuinely didn't know how it was going to turn out. Between Pinterest and my own imagination, I had enough faith to take the leap, and I am so beyond happy with the finished product. Give it a couple seasons and the climbing roses will transform the feel of these arches even more. If there is one thing I've learned with design over the years, it's to TAKE THE RISK!

Cedar Landscape Arch Build Guide

rendering and build guide for cedar landscape arches
Above you will see a rendering showing the above and below ground view of the arches installed.

Before and After

Builder basic backyard transformed into a garden oasis.
Before this space in the yard had no personality. It was just a blank canvas asking for some love.

backyard transformation after landscaping and pathway arches
AFTER the cedar landscape arches have been installed!

Genuinely, these are one of my favorite features in our backyard! It's made such a dramatic difference in this side yard! Can you believe this before and after?! I've also made some changes to the pathways since this original build and can't wait to share this spring!

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