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Viral Solar Barn Lights: Why These are the Best Amazon Find!

My Solar Barn Lights went viral and here's why! They are effective, affordable and perfectly styled for your backyard! Create an atmosphere your family will enjoy day or night!

I installed 4 of these lights between my trellis arches and my Modern Swing Set. If you want the free downloadable build guide for the Modern Swing Set, subscribe here!

Talk about an Amazon Find! These Solar lanterns have definitely impressed. They flow cohesively with the rest of my yard design while not compromising on functionality! I have 4 of these throughout my yard design and get comments on them every single time, whether they are on at night or off during the day!



Solar Barn Lights: First Impressions

My first impression was that I was surprised at how beautiful they were and how simple the install was. It only took me a couple minutes to install. This is SUPER beginner friendly!

Were they bright enough?

I'm most excited to share this part! I have had my share of bad luck on solar lights. I am happy to say these are actually BRIGHT solar lights! They aren't just for show, these work! They have three settings, one of which is a motion sensor. That means they don't brighten to full power unless they sense motion.


I have had so much bad luck with solar lights that my first Pro is definitely the brightness!

I also felt like they were pretty affordable for the design impact and functionality they offered! The enclosed bulb also keeps the light protected and easy to clean. Finally, I love that you can buy this light as a single unit or a pair. This enables you to get exactly the number of lights you need for your space!


The biggest Con for me is the size and placement of the little solar panel. To be fair, I don't know how else you would design it, but it's definitely front and center. Also, I don't see any way to change the bulb. So, I'm not sure the lifespan yet on the bulb, but I assume once it's burnt out you will have to fully replace the fixture.

Final Thoughts!

After a couple months of having these beauties, I can confidently say they are worth the investment. If you are looking for a effective, beautiful and easy way to add lighting to your outdoor space, chicken coup, swing set, or even your pergola, I highly recommend these lights!

If you try these out in your outdoor space, I'd love to hear how they worked out for you! Comment below with pictures of your installed lights!

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