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Transitioning your White Pants from Summer to Fall

Even though the temps in Oklahoma haven't cooled down quite yet, it's time to start planning for fall fashion. 🍁

*Outfit Above: Spanx Flare White Pants (Petite, Medium; TTS), Fall Plaid Shacket (X-Small; size down), Shapewear Tank Top (Medium; Size Up), Fawn/Camel Flats (8.5; TTS);

*I'm 5'4", My standard sizing is: Tops: Small, Pants: 4-6, Medium, Shoes: 8.5

I have been looking for the perfect pair of white pants for years and I can FINALLY say I found the best White Pants  that are now my go-to! They are so versatile and easy to transition from your summer wardrobe to fall. I love to incorporate pieces into my closet that I know will work with all seasons and these pants are one of them.

Above, I've paired with a short sleeve top and sandals for summer fashion. Like I said, such a versatile pair of pants that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Keep reading to see my TOP 3 TIPS on how to transition these white pants for fall!

*Right image: Spanx Skinny Ankle Cut White Pants (Petite, Medium), Leopard Flats (8.5), Navy Cardigan (Small), Shapewear Tank Top (Medium)

I am 5'4 and wearing a size Petite Medium. I typically wear a size 4-6, and have a pear to hourglass shape. I would say these run true to size in both styles of pants.

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS on how to transition these pants from summer to fall:

  1. Instead of wearing open toed sandals, pair with closed toe shoes (like pictured in the right image) OR you can pair them with booties in the fall. (Leopard Flats)(Fawn/Camel Flats)

  2. Have a cardigan or open jacket that you can throw over a short sleeve or sleeveless shape wear. This is great year-round in an office setting. By the way, these Shapewear Tank Tops are some of my absolute FAVORITE budget foundation pieces from Amazon. Be on the look out for another blog post specifically about them! They're that good they deserve their own post.

  3. Add more Fall colors to your wardrobe like jewel tones, oranges, browns, navy and reds!

Now that you've seen how you can transition white pants into the fall, will you give it a try or still go by the rule "no white after Labor Day?"

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