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DIY: Tile Glazing

Are you looking for an easy way to refresh your tile in your kitchen, bathroom or or even your flooring?! Glazing your tile is such a great and affordable way to update tile throughout your home! PLUS, you can totally do it yourself! 

This was a quick, easy and impactful project! After trying out peel n stick backsplash in this client's laundry room, I knew it wouldn't stand up to life in the kitchen!

This is an inexpensive alternative (less than $50) and works for all types of tiles. It's not just for the kitchen!

How to:

First you will need to de-grease the tile.

Next refresh any grout/caulk lines (make sure you let that’ll grout/caulk cure for the recommended time before moving on to the next step).

Tape and protect surrounding surfaces.

Apply first coat! (I used a smooth to semi smooth foam roller then trimmed with a brush and rolled the brush lines smooth)

Wait 1 hour *Do not rush this!

Apply second coat. (I peeled tape while it was wet so I could fix any leaking through the tape!)

If you need a third coat, you will have to wait 24 hours!

***You definitely need good ventilation on this project!!! The activator is super strong! Have your windows open, doors open, heck, if you have a mask USE IT! 

Check out the entire process in action here. Grab my favorite products to tackle this project here! This glaze also comes in gray! 

Comment below if you’re going to tackle this easy DIY in your home & don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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