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Swing Set Build Guide


When I was designing our backyard, I knew I wanted a swing set for the girls. The problem was that I didn't want the "traditional" swing set design. Since I knew I wanted were the trellis arches in the backyard, I decided to use them as inspiration for the swing set design and this is where we ended up! The design is simple and easy to recreate! The girls absolutely LOVE this swingset and so do we!

We purchased our longer swings from

Here's a list of what you will need!

Material List

  • (3) 12 ft 6x6 Cedar Posts- For the Primary Swing Set Structure. Make sure to level!

  • (1) 10 ft 6x6 Cedar Post- For the additional accessory section. This is completely optional! You can keep it simple and reduce costs by just do the swing set portion!

  • (1) 8 ft 6x6 Cedar Post- This is for the top cap for the accessory section! This is completely optional!

  • 20 Lag Bolts

  • Two levels! This is a two person job. One person needs to be holding the post level while the other pours the concrete mix in!

  • QuickCrete to mix around each grounded post. Commercial Anchor Foam can also be used, but I don't have any personal experience with that for a swing set. Foam is how all my trellis arches are anchored though!

  • Aluminum 2-Bearing Heavy Duty Swing Hanger for Wooden Swing Set These can hold up to 5000 lbs (Linked)

  • 8'6" Swings (Make sure you get swings long enough for the structure you're building!).

  • Our Hanging Bar is Linked below. You can use this section for hanging rings or even a hammock chair! We have even considered adding a climbing rope!

Build Plans


I have linked the accessories that I currently have on our Modern Swing Set but they are interchangeable! You can do a Rope "Tire" Swing or any swing set attachments you find!

The Verdict...

Out of the ENTIRE project, if I had to choose only ONE thing I could do it would be this swing set! I'm not even kidding you when I say I would choose this swing set even over the shop. They use this thing every single day and even the adults gather around it when we entertain!

What I learned during the build...

Two grown adults can make the set sway somewhat, so we added support L-Brackets inside the corner of the structure.


The best part about DIY is customization! Don't be afraid to tweak the design a bit to create something perfect for your family! Whether it's the dimensions, or adding accessories like climbing holds on the posts, this gives you a starting point for your dream swing set!

Don't forget to share!

If you choose to take on this project, don't be shy - Email or DM me on social! I would love to see your swing sets!

**As always, thank you for using my build guide. Please be advised that I take zero liability if you choose to recreate this build. This is a guide detailing how my swing set was built. Use your own judgement and experience to build your swing set safely. If you do not feel confident in taking on this build yourself, I always encourage hiring a professional.

** This post does contain affiliate linking that earns commission.

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